Darrell James - Founder, CEO

Darrell James is the founder and CEO of the investment and advisory firm Atlantis Capital Advisors. The firm’s services include strategic planning, venture startup, business development, venture funding and project management. 


After a distinguished career as an architect for thirty-eight years including work on specialize aerospace projects for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral and the Florida Solar Energy Center in the early 1990’s, Mr. James shifted his focus and efforts from facilities planning and design to research, development and investment funding of cleantech projects.  Furthering his commitment and re-alignment, Mr. James founded GreenLeaf Energy Group, LLC. in 2006, an energy consulting firm instrumental in assisting clients with analysis, financing and deployment of renewable energy systems for planned and existing buildings. His primary focus now is on next-generation energy projects, new materials, mobility, the Internet and silicon based technology. Mr. James holds a BA in Architecture, BBA in Marketing, and MBA in Finance.


Board Members

John Atkins  After a career in international business, and many years working with high tech and mid-size companies, in 2006 Atkins began to focus the business advisory and investment banking resources of Atkins Capital Advisors on serving companies with green markets, operations and products. The result was TerraShares, offering a comprehensive array of Green services and resources in the region. TerraShares' Green financing strategies consolidate financing and environmental incentives to fund Green projects. TerraShares is positioned itself to match investors, companies, and financial sources in innovative public/private partnerships with non-profit organizations, schools and churches. Previously, in 1983, he launched Environmental Technologies, which has installed dozens of solar and energy management systems in five states.  As of 2014 TerraShares has successfully completed deployment of  twenty-six 50 Kw to 200Kw PV solar energy school projects in Tennessee. All are now investor owned, with a guaranteed return of nearly $1 million in new revenue to school districts without any investment or risk.














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